We are a design and construction company with many years of experience in the creation of beautiful homes in the Moraira area.We offer both sale of our existing design concepts or a complete new build.

Our aim is to continue to strive in this field, testing and trying improved and new materials, playing with form and shape, light and space in order to push the evolution of these wonderful styles of home, always layered and enriched with beauty and functionality

After designing and building many different styles of home for wildly varying lifestyle requirements, we have learned what makes both economic, functional and most importantly aesthetic sense. Our concepts are born from this knowledge, bringing years of experience from our multi disciplined team to the fore.

Design and construction are intrinsically linked and work best with a fluid synergy between both disciplines. As we both design and build our homes, we truly understand our projects on a profound level. This understanding, our multi skilled team and a clearly defined customer brief allows us to create homes that make you smile.

It all starts here. From the first meeting and conversation. Whether it handling of the sale of one of our homes or the first spark of an idea and development of a concept for a bespoke private home. All design, procurement, planning and administration is dealt with, including liasing with architects and Town halls and all paperwork and permissions.

We do all, so you only need to enjoy all the exciting stages of developing a beautiful house in Spain without many of the headaches. The construction process is carried out with our own in-house labour force and coupled with our plant and machinery gives us almost complete control of our projects.


From the origins of Modernism after the industrial revolution back in the early 1900’s to post-war Europe to the historic Mediterranean styles from the Balearics, Greece, Morocco and many other coastal countries, we feel a particular style is very relevant in this area.

Not just modern for modern’s sake but taking the best of both styles can create completely stunning buildings seamlessly sympathetic with their surroundings. Its also very exciting to fuse these very complimentary styles together with their roots firmly bedded in history.

By using many natural tactile materials such as dressed stone and polished wood combined with clever planting and warm, intimate lighting.

We always strive to create a mediterranean, modernist style and feel it of paramount importance to provide much warmth and style to these homes.

We systematically remove the sterile and somewhat cold elements of many modern styles yet maintaining the clean lines and fantastic light and space.



General Construction

We are essentially a construction company, so apart from the sale of our own houses OR design and build bespoke homes, we offer all trades and a full construction service both inside and outside the home.

Interior Design

Designing or supplying beautiful furniture specifically considered for each particular project is a wonderful thing, bringing real joy to the space.  We offer a full interior furniture service including many options and ideas for optimum use of space. Optional

Garden Design

We strive to blur the lines between the inside and outside space.  We provide a complete landscape design service to compliment all the architectural styles of our concepts, helping to maximise the beauty and practicality of our homes

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